Now you have the option to meet with Roxy from New Image Laser Skin Center at a local coffee shop/venue and ask your questions with no financial obligation. 

  • She will even buy your coffee and share her knowledge and experience so you can get a glimpse of what makes New Image tick. . . that being her and Dr. Madsen’s (her husband) desire to help you to feel more confident, take good care of your skin, and know that you are a treasure just because you are you:)
  • She will spend up to 45 minutes with you, or you and some friends answering questions and sharing options over coffee, tea, or soda.  Of course it will always be, Just Between Us Girls!
  • Nothing scary or intimidating, just informational and hopefully fun!


"You don’t have to go to Columbus to receive treatments and products that will take care of the evidence of age and sun damage, deal with unwanted hair or get help dealing with acne!" -Roxy

You can be proactive with healthy treatments and products that will protect and support your skin as the years go by. It is possible to find help close to home at New Image Laser Skin Center.

You say you’ve seen the billboards or heard people talking about it and wondered what it was all about but aren’t sure if you want to schedule an appointment?

There are so many options ranging from the very simple, less costly, with no down time treatments to the time intensive costly facial resurfacing procedures. . .how do you know if anything is really reasonable or realistic for your life situation?

Research and investigation is always the best place to start. . . that can be overwhelming and intimidating but talking with someone who knows the options and has experienced them as well can answer many questions that may help you decide if it’s for you or not. . . . Just Between Us Girls is just for you!



How it Works

  • Available Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • Call 740.774.7444 to schedule. After scheduling, Roxy will call to arrange a place to meet.
  • If you should decide to pursue treatment at New Image, all current center policies apply.  There is a fee to secure your appointment. All laser treatments require a full skin evaluation/consultation including Dr. Madsen.  This evaluation will be submitted to your health insurance if you desire.  Any treatment costs are out of pocket expense.  If you desire injectables only, the secure appointment fee applies to the injectable cost if done the same day as your appointment.  Non-physician treatments such as chemical peels and facials do not require a full consultation with Dr. Madsen.