It's the Most Wonderful Time...

It’s the most wonderful time … of the year!! With the kids jingle belling and everyone telling to be of good cheer! (Can you hear the music?)

I love this time of the year and really can’t imagine living where the temperatures stay warm year round. And yes, I like the snow! Like most, I don’t want people to have to slip and slide to work but I do enjoy the beauty of gently falling snow, the glistening of the snow covered trees and the peace and warmth from inside with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee enjoying the view of a snow covered landscape.

For years I have told people when the question of snow or no snow came up, definitely snow! I’m not really too picky … I want the snow everywhere except on the sidewalks, streets, and highways! Lol! I can always ask … then prepare with warm clothes and boots and a readiness to trudge up our steep driveway to get to my car so I don’t have to skid into a tree when my car loses traction on a slippery driveway!! Not the most convenient, but good exercise no doubt! I’m grateful after 21 years in our home not to have broken any bones … although I have fallen more than a few times! If only we had invested in a heated driveway like our wise neighbors did!

This wonderful time of the year brings the cold season that is hard on our skin. Remember to do your best to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized … a first line of defense against wrinkles much more pronounced on overly dry skin!

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And while you’re at it pick up a moisturizer or Hydrafacial for a friend … it’s that time of the year as well.