Summer Fun with NO REGRETS!

Summer fun ... poolside, beachside, “gardenside”, “fieldside”, “golf course side”, whatever “side” you may be out enjoying, or perhaps working, in those warm summer sun rays; just a few easy steps can help you to slide into fall with less regret!  

After such a long cold winter we are ready to enjoy the warmth of the sun and replenish our Vitamin D ... it’s a good thing ... but we all know that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing!  Once again balance, that dreaded b word, and discipline, that other word is the directive to enjoy the sun and keep the sun damage to your face, and all over for that matter, at bay.  

Keep those dreaded “brownies” (or in other words age spots) under control by using some basic skincare products:

  • Whenever out use a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen and yes, you have to reapply every 2 hours to get continued protection
  • Start in the morning with a cream type under your makeup if used, continue thru your day with a mineral powder sunscreen that goes right over your makeup. . .without anyone knowing :)
  • A botanically based skin lightening product, like SkinMedica’s Lytera applied twice daily will fight the production of melanin (the source of those brownies) that is stirred up by UV exposure


Protect against collagen depletion with a Vitamin C & E product applied in the morning! Remember collagen is the cushiony part of our skin that keeps wrinkles at bay! Wear a hat if you can. . .they can be fun and stylish!!

Stay moisturized  ... the UV rays dry our skin depleting it of needed moisture to keep the skin soft and supple and less prone to wrinkling;)

All of this you know you say?  Good!  Now find your balance, apply the discipline to do these and you can go thru the summer with No Regrets!

And don’t forget. . .Michelle is at New Image to be additional support in your fight against sun damage and the challenges of summer wardrobes!  

Enjoy the sun activities and get a HydraFacial to replenish lost hydration. . .

Or perhaps a Back Deep Pore Cleanse to help clear your back of unwanted blemishes so you can wear that fun and cool shoulder exposing outfit ...

And of course, with swimsuit season clearly upon us, take advantage of the wax free NuFree hair removal system for your Brazilian or bikini line hair removal and avoid those nasty razor bumps!! 

Choose your side ... Summer fun with less regret or one summer closer to sun damaged and aged skin  ... we’re here to help:)