MicroLaser Peel


What is the downtime for a MicroLaser Peel?

Recovery time varies from patient to patient. The redness that results from a MicroLaser Peel usually lasts 2-3 days and the skin will peel around days 3-5. Generally, full recovery is seen in 5-14 days. Factors in recovery time are; depth of the peel, conditions of the skin before the treatment, the patient’s life style, and the type of skincare used before and after treatment.

Does it hurt?

The discomfort that patients feel during a MicroLaser Peel varies. Some patients say that the discomfort is similar to a combination of heat and a stinging sensation. Others may feel slightly more discomfort. Patients will have the option to receive a topical anesthetic, an oral analgesic, anxiety medication, and use of the Chiller (filtered cool air) that will minimize the discomfort. Discomfort felt post treatment is uncommon but should it occur it can be treated with an over the counter analgesic; such as Tylenol or ibuprofen.

Will I need more than one treatment?

Most often, a minimum of 2 MicroLaser Peels is recommended because greatest results are seen after a series of treatments. We ask all of our patients to remember quality skincare products are key to keeping your skin clear and seeing long term results from your procedure.    

What will I have to do after my treatment?

It is very important to use proper skincare because your skin will be very dry and sensitive after this procedure. Keeping your skin clean, moisturized and sun-screened is crucial; we will provide one of SkinMedica’s Post-Procedure Systems to use to receive the best results. The kit provides everything you need to take care of your skin post procedure. The depth of the MicroLaser Peel will determine which SkinMedica Post-Procedure System is provided to you to ensure proper healing.

What other things can a MicroLaser Peel treat?

MicroLaser Peels have also been used to treat skin discoloration, sun damage, skin roughness, and fine lines and wrinkles. Light MicroLaser Peels can be done on a routine basis to keep the skin smooth and bright.