Skin can sag over the years as it begins to lose thickness (collagen), volume in the fat pads below the skin, and bone in the upper and lower jaw. 

When the structures within and underneath the skin diminish, the same amount of skin remains and it begins to sag.

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Microlaser Peel/Profraction

The MicroLaser Peel/Profraction is a computer guided laser resurfacing procedure. With our top of the line Sciton Laser, Dr. Madsen can resurface your skin.

The MicroLaser Peel is used to eliminate the damaged outer layers while the Profraction will reach the deep dermal layer of the skin forming thousands of tiny channels to stimulate collagen. This new collagen development will thicken and tighten the skin and diminish, if not eliminate, wrinkles.


MicoLaser Peel/Profraction starts at $575 per treatment


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SkinTyte is a procedure that heats the deep dermal collagen which will cause it to contract. Once the collagen contracts, the skin will appear and feel more firm. Powerful cooling, by way of a sapphire crystal, maintains the outer surface of your skin at a comfortable temperature throughout the procedure.

SkinTyte is not a substitute for a face lift and results may vary from client to client. This procedure should be considered by clients who want moderate, noticeable skin improvement without having to undergo surgery or 7-10 days of down time with MicroLaser Peel/Profraction resurfacing laser procedure.


Face & Neck, $400 Per Treatment or $2,000 for a Pack of 5

Hands, $150 Per Treatment or $550 for a Pack of 5


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Facial Fillers

Injectable facial fillers are a safe, smooth, gel filler that instantly smooth away wrinkles. They can be used to fill glabellar lines (between the eyebrows),  lines around the mouth, to plump and define the lips and to reduce the appearance of hallow looking eyes that can come with age, diminishing cheek bones and loss of cheek fat pads.

The deep wrinkles and folds on the face are caused by multiple things, one of which is a decrease in the body’s production of collagen which results in volume loss. Facial fillers replace lost volume which instantly improves your appearance by smoothing the wrinkles and folds.                                                                                       Now available, Voluma, a new Juvederm product.  Developed specifically and FDA approved for the mid facial volume loss AND with a longevity of 2 years instead of 1!!

Fillers are commonly used in tandem with Botox® or Dysport®. Fillers are used to correct static wrinkles (meaning wrinkles that persist when the face is at rest), while Botox and Dysport diminish dynamic wrinkles caused from the movement of facial muscles.


1st syringe: $550

2nd syringe: $500

3rd+ syringe: $475

*Any syringe purchased beyond the first syringe must be administered within 2 weeks of the first syringe to get the reduced pricing.

Voluma $700 per syring


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Facts About Aging

  1. We start to lose collagen at approximately age 25. Collagen is a key factor in keeping our skin looking young, tight, and wrinkle-free.
  2. We lose 20% of our collagen every year, but our bodies replace what we lose until about age 25 when the process of aging accelerates.
  3. UV damage fuels the aging process, causing a more rapid decline in collagen repair and replacement.

At New Image Laser Skin Center, we work with our clients to find the best treatment plan that will help bring volume and tightness back to their skin.

Treatment options include: MicroLaser Peel/Profraction, SkinTyte and SkinMedica products.