What is the downtime after having this procedure?

There is no downtime after this procedure but it is important to keep your skin moisturized and sun-screened. We ask all of our clients to remember that the use of quality skincare products after the procedure will help ensure proper healing and seeing long term results from the procedure.

Does it hurt?

Most clients say the procedure does not hurt, rather it causes a momentary heat sensation. Clients that are more sensitive may feel more discomfort. If desired, a topical anesthetic is available to be applied to the area being treated one hour before treatment to minimize discomfort.

What will I have to do after my treatment?

Your skin will be dry and light sensitive as a result of the treatments and therefore must be kept moisturized and sun-screened. The use of at least an SPF 30 is recommended and sun exposure must be kept at a minimum. We have found that our clients get the best results when using SkinMedica’s physician grade skincare line of products.

How many treatments will I have to get?

The number of treatments needed will vary based on your desired result but Dr. Madsen recommends that for the best results clients get no less then 5 treatments, 2 to 4 weeks a part.

How long does it take for one treatment?

Typically, the SkinTyte procedure takes 20-30 minutes but this will vary depending on the area being treated.