February & March 2015 Specials

Smooth, brighten & cleanse your skin with a Facial!

Facials are not just about pampering and prepping for a special event, medical spa facials support the skin structure and protect the skin thru out the year, particularly in the cold dry winter months. 

Coupled with healthy physician grade skincare products the facial skin can weather the harshness of winter with less aging on the skin…that means less fine lines and wrinkles and less excessive oil production that exacerbates acne prone skin as well.  Strategically timed facials are an excellent tool to assist your fight against the evidence of aging! 

Hair Removal

Long term laser hair reduction can be done with a BBL. The hair must be dark in order for the light beam to find the hair follicle.  It requires 5 treatments…one every 6 weeks.  Now is the time to start treatment for  hair that you want to deal with prior to warm weather! Hair treatments are sold in packages…call Kim to get the details!

Aggressive Treatments

A skin resurfacing with MicrolaserPeel/Profraction is the most effective way to deal with roughness, pore size, and lines and wrinkles.  It requires an investment of time as the laser creates a wound that then allows the skin to heal in a smoother, thicker, more even toned state! This is not for the faint at heart but it works! 

There is ongoing improvement for 3-5 months after the initial healing of 10-14 days. When followed with physician grade skincare products and sensible skin protection it will carry you for 4-5 years! Schedule your consultation today to find out more!

Spider Veins

Spider veins can be effectively reduced often to no visibility with the ND-Yag laser!  While some smaller spider veins disappear immediately, others will swell shut and disappear over a period of a couple weeks to a couple of months. Thinking about this prior to a warm weather vacation?  Have the treatment at least a month or more in advance of your scheduled event! 

Botox- Any time is Botox time!

A popular and easy injectable to reduce lines and wrinkles caused by extreme facial movements. Take the stress or tiredness from your countenance with an effective treatment  to lessen movement (not freeze your face)and smooth away the wrinkles around your eyes and on your forehead. No down time and results in 3-5 days!  For an affordable and easy treatment to energize your appearance, give Botox a try!

Purchase a 1 hour HydraFacial or a Deep Pore Cleanse with Michelle you can have 10% off your Botox!

Now is the season to ramp up your skin protection from the harshness of winter! New Image will help. When you purchase a 1 hour HydraFacial or a Deep Pore Cleanse with Michelle you can have 10% off your Botox! There’s more than one way to keep those wrinkles at bay! Facial must be purchased before Mar 31st and Botox received by May 31st of this year.