Botox® injections are FDA-approved for the temporary treatment of lines and wrinkles. 

It is fast, effective and perfect for someone who is interested in reducing and preventing the appearance or deepening of wrinkles. Botox has a unique ability to relax even the strongest muscles of the face and neck. By using tiny injections directly into these muscles the transmitters that cause muscle contractions will be blocked and the muscles will relax to give a more relaxed appearance. When the movement is decreased, the creases are diminished. If a regular schedule of Botox is maintained then the appearance of lines will be reduced when the face is at rest.

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What is the difference between Botox and Dysport?

Botox and Dysport are both purified proteins that cause a muscle to be relaxed but they are produced by two different pharmaceutical companies. They function the same way however, their formulations are slightly different which is reflected in the cost difference and number of units needed to achieve the same result. At New Image Dr. Madsen uses Botox for the best results for his clients.

How much Botox will I need?

How much Botox a client needs varies depending on the severity of the wrinkles and the desired results. It is possible for the amount needed in an area to decrease over time when used in combination with other treatment types in the same area.  

How quickly will I see the results?

Botox results are normally noticed in 3-5 days.  Both treatments may take as long as two weeks before the full effect is realized. If desired resolution is not achieved at two weeks, a client may come in for more units at that time or wait till their next treatment.

What is the downtime after receiving Botox?

None. There may be redness at the injection site but it is usually gone within a few minutes.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure can take 15 minutes or less. Since there is no downtime, a client can get injections and then immediately go out in public without fear of being obvious that they have received treatment.

Does it hurt?

Botox is injected with a very tiny needle. Most clients say that the injections feel similar to a tiny pin prick.

I don’t want to look “frozen” without any expression. Will that happen?

Dr. Madsen is trained to restore a natural and youthful facial balance. Most patients want to look natural, relaxed and refreshed without looking frozen. Dr. Madsen will only make you look “frozen” if that’s the result you desire.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are rare and not permanent. As with all injection procedures there can be some minor bruising (that can be easily diminished with makeup), redness, infection, swelling or a slight, short term headache. However, most patients do not experience any side effects at all.

How long does each treatment last? 

It varies for each individual, however each Botox treatment will last anywhere from 3 months to 4 months in length.



New Image Laser Skin Center is unique in pricing for Botox. Many facilities charge per area; one area being the forehead, another the glabellar lines, another the crow’s feet, etc.

This method of pricing can mean higher cost for the client as they may be paying for more injections than they need or are getting. New Image charges for each unit that is administered.

For example: in area pricing it is not uncommon to see a charge of $250 per area, if a client is treating 3 areas they may spend as much as $750 versus with unit pricing we see a range of $300 to $500 total for the same areas.

  • Botox® : $11 Per Unit